“Cost of a Sandwich”

“Cost of a Sandwich”

They say discussing pricing in the restaurant industry is a faux pas but we at Delicatus have typically gone against the grain(pun intended) of tradionalism which has allowed us develop a deli concept truly unique to Seattle. We have heard the full spectrum of input from the full fledge doubter “that place is too fancy”… to “you guys should charge more for this amazing food”.  But the fact is neither instance is true.  We simply do everything we can to provide the best products available for the best value to our guests.   We know the prices of our sandwiches inside and out.  Truth is we are always in perpetual analysis with regards to our menu, the costs of our goods and our overall brand.   In our nearly 8 years of development and operations at Delicatus, we came to one simple conclusion.  Better food costs more money.

While things may progress and change from time to time at the deli, you can rest assured the Delicatus Crew is committed to 3 basic principles when it comes to making our sandwiches.

  • We will always make the best possible sandwiches we can make.
  • We will prioritize quality of ingredients and FLAVOR over cutting costs to ensure the integrity of our product comes first.
  • We will support our local community and environment with direct sourcing, sustainable purchasing and waste practices.

So over the years we have gone to great distances to enhance our ingredients with these simple principles intact.  We have also developed our In-House Programs to further enhance the significance of FLAVOR by utilizing premium ingredients with hands on artisanal processes.

  • Wooden Table Roast Beef, Brisket Pastrami, Meatballs and Fresh Sausage that provide flavors unmatched in the deli industry.
  • We source fresh, regional seafood for ALL of our offerings because canned tuna and farmed raised Salmon just doesn’t cut it.
  • In-House production line producing our own pickled items, Sauerkraut, dressings, BBQ, and Sandwich Spreads.

We know that better ingredients do in fact make better sandwiches.  So when prices in the market go up, we indeed must make the necessary adjustments not only to remain true to our 3 basic principles, but ensure the financial life of Delicatus is sustainable.  When we price ALL of our products, we use algebraic formulas not a stab in the dark.  We price with industry standard formulas that allow us to pay our employees, our bills, our banker, and hopefully ourselves. Truth is we run significantly lower profit margins and higher food costs than our direct competition.  And many ask… How can others sell sandwiches for less? Simple really: smaller portions with less flavorful, cheaper and artificial ingredients.

Come Taste the Delicatus Difference,

The Delicatus Crew