Delicatus, [del-i-kot-uhs] Latin, adj.: delicate, alluring, delightful pleasing; also (especially regarding a person)overly luxurious. German: root for Delikatessen: 1. Prepared cooked meats, fish, cheeses, salads, etc. 2. A shop where such foods are sold.

Delicatus was formed by and for those who think that dining should be an experience that resonates. Derek Shankland and Mike Klotz founded Delicatus on the simple concept that people in the greater Seattle area deserve a better sandwich. Until now, the idea of a deli in Seattle has been broadly misrepresentative of the traditional European delicatessens and the ones that European emigrants founded in the Eastern United States. Here at Delicatus our vision is to meld both local and European traditions by using primarily Northwest-sourced ingredients purchased directly from local farmers, artisan producers and suppliers of the finest regional products. Our principles of sustainability, superior quality, and commitment to service all combine to offer guests a dining experience unlike any other in Seattle.

Balinese Nasi Campur Style Dinner – Saturday, February 28th

Join us in welcoming Chef Willis back from his much deserved Bali vacation with a traditional Nasi Campur Style Dinner. Saturday, February 28th. Cocktails start at 6:30pm with Dinner starting around 7:30pm  @ The Kitchen by Delicatus. Tickets must be purchased in advance. $75 pp includes Balinese Feast, Complimentary Cocktail, Tax & Gratuity.


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